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Businesscardventuracounty.com uses Google Analytics to gather information about how many devices such as computers, laptops, phones tablets, and other devices are able to access this website. No personal information such as names, addresses, email or contact information is collected from free users of businesscardventuracounty.com. businesscardventuracounty.com does not sell any of the analytical information including personal info. businesscardventuracounty.com is a safe and secure place to advertise your business as well as to search for businesses. If the business no long wishes to be advertised on businesscardventuracounty.com the business must notify the operations manager via call, text, or email. The operations manager contact info can be found on the contact page of the website: businesscardventuracounty.com.


                                                                                      Terms of services

Businesscardventuracounty.com is a website where anyone with internet access can view images of business cards and have permission to use the information on business cards to contact the business. businesscardventuracounty.com is a privet owned website and can refuse to advertise any business at anytime for any reason. businesscardventuracounty.com will stop advertising a business if payment from the business is more than 14 days late. Prices to advertise businesses may change at any time and business will be notified of price change by 30 days in advance. For businesses who wish to have a clickable link that redirects users to the businesses’ website, an additional fee of $4.00 is required every month. businesscardventuracounty.com has the authority to refuse business to any person or business for any reason. This is a privet owned website. For questions contact the operations manager. Contact info can be found on the contact page of the website: businesscardventuracounty.com.