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Save time and energy! Search for services in Ventura County by business card, or category. Sure, you can use Google however, there are many small businesses that are not supported or advertised on Google. Here you will find mostly small and some large businesses that are local to Ventura County.

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Ventura County

BusinessCard Ventura County, is a website made to act as a local phone book by connecting small businesses with residents of Ventura County. Our goal is to make it easier for customers to find local businesses by simply viewing business cards. 

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BusinessCard Ventura County is right for you because...

  • We're Local

  • Communication is direct, fast and easy.

  • No hard work required, Just send your business card.

  • We send you google analytics on your business card's views/click.

  • when you call, text, or email you speak with a real person. 

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